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Our attorneys have diverse backgrounds and each specialize in different facets of business law. As a result, MM&G draws from a deep well of legal knowledge and experience that qualifies us to work with a wide range of different business types and to provide counsel regarding the gamut of legal issues that business owners face every day.

Licensed both in Oregon and Washington, our attorneys’ specialties include corporate and business law, real estate law, employment law, probate, wills, and trusts. We are amply equipped, furthermore, to support you through business-related litigation processes including mediation, arbitration and trial and appeal.

While we each bring different specialties to the table, we all share the same approach to practicing business law. We are committed to getting to know our clients well and to providing them long-term support that meets their changing needs. We are also dedicated to providing clear counsel and being straightforward about our fees so that our clients are well educated when it comes to making decisions that affect the future and well-being of their businesses.

The partners at Moomaw Mesirow & Godfrey are Nick Mesirow (left), Larry Moomaw, and Frank Godfrey.

Moomaw Mesirow & Godfrey partners Nick Mesirow (left) and Frank Godfrey (right) with Larry Moomaw, attorney of counsel


Frank Godfrey
Nick Mesirow
Larry Moomaw
Brien Hildebrand
Richard White