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Oregon Equal Pay Act Goes Into Effect in 2019. Are You Ready?

  by Frank J. Godfrey III On June 1, 2017, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed the new Oregon Equal Pay Act into law. The act enjoyed unusual bipartisan support, in Continue Reading →


Communication is Key

by Frank J. Godfrey III An attorney I’ve worked with for almost 20 years is fond of the old saw “communication is the key.” He will say it when working through Continue Reading →


Where there’s a revocable living trust, there’s a way: The importance of estate planning for business owners

  by Nick Mesirow While exact numbers are unknown, anecdotal evidence tells us that a shocking number of small business owners have done little or no estate planning, including creating Continue Reading →


When a Non-Compete is a Non-Starter

by Frank J. Godfrey III Boilerplate non-compete, non-solicitation, and non-disclosure agreements are popular items to download from the Internet. It seems so simple – just download, drop in the names Continue Reading →


Business Succession Planning

  by Nick Mesirow Business owners who want or need their business to continue on after they’ve ceased to be involved in it should put a succession plan in place. Continue Reading →


A Business Perspective on Employment Laws

    by Frank J. Godfrey III  Let’s be honest: employment laws and regulations often intimidate business owners. This is an understandable response. Most business owners spend their days trying Continue Reading →


Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations

  by Frank J. Godfrey III When issues involving the behavior of individual employees or interactions between employees crop up, a workplace investigation may be in order. Examples of incidents Continue Reading →


Avoiding Final Wage Claims

  by Frank J. Godfrey III Every employment arrangement comes to an end eventually. It is therefore important for employers to comply with the law regarding timely payment of final Continue Reading →


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